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It's official! The United States Postal Service will be issuing two Spay/Neuter Your Pet Stamps (one with a cat and one with a dog) as part of its U.S. Stamp Program for 2002. 

The fabulous news about the twin Spay/Neuter stamps was confirmed on August 22nd in a phone call from Mr. David Failor, Manager for the Postal Service's Community Relations office, to Prevent a Litter Coalition (PaLC) STAMP OUT project coordinator Hope Tarr. PaLC will be working closely with Mr. Failor and the USPS in the coming weeks and throughout the year to plan promotional efforts both for the October unveiling as the larger scale launch celebration to take place in conjunction with the stamps' on-sale date in post offices nationwide. 

For more information and the latest news on the STAMP OUT campaign, visit PaLC's website.





Our DOGS need a Ride!


Are you flying anywhere? We relocate dogs all over the country. We would love to send one of our dogs on a plane with you. It's safer for a dog to fly with a person and it costs less. We would really appreciate it if you would let us know if you are flying and would be able to either take a dog along with you. One of our volunteers would meet you at the airport on both ends of the flight. There would be no cost to you. And we can promise doggy kisses in thanks!

For More information please visit the Hearts United for Animals website -


pet theft

How to Keep Your Pets Safe:

1)Keep your pet indoors, esp. when you are not home.

2)Do not leave your animals unattended outdoors. It only takes a theifa second to steal your pet.

3)Don't let your animals roam the neighborhood.

4)Remember that indoor cats live longer, safer lives.

5)Properly identify youe pet with a collar and tag as well as either a micro-chip or tattoo.

6)Maintain up-to-date licenses and pictures of your pets.

7)Spay/Neuter your pets. Fixed animals are much less likely to roam.

8)Do not leave your pet tied up outside a store to wait for you.

9)Never leave your animals unattended in a car.

For more ways to prevent Pet Theft Visit
"Last Chance for Animals," a National, Non-Profit animal protection organization based in West Hollywood, is pleased to announce National Pet Theft Awareness Day 2002. On February 14th of every year, LCA aims to educate the public about the problem of pet theft, memorialize the 1.5 to 2 million animals taken each year, and educate citizens on how they can protect their animal companions. 

To receive a free National Pet Theft Awareness Day 2002 action pack, contact LCA's campaigns director at (310)271-6906 ext.25 or e-mail

This Information is from The Stolen Pets Website. Click Here to View their site.