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My Pets

We became interested in Saving animals because of our own experiences. Meet our Family below!


We got Ivy when she was 3 months old. Her owners were going to bring her to the MSPCA because they wanted a lapdog and Ivy was about 30lbs. They were mistaken, she is a lapdog! But at 60lbs., she is a heavy one! She is half Black Lab and half Border Collie. Ivy is now almost 3 years old.

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His given name was is Nick, but he's in trouble a lot, so we say "Nicholas!" Nick's mom was a pregnant pure bred Rottweiler. The North East Rottweiler Rescue (NERR) found her as a stray in New Jersey. She gave birth to 6 pups. All but 2 have been adopted out so far. Nick was our Christmas angel. He came to us on Dec. 21st, 2001. He was 10 weeks old . . . he's now 15 weeks old.

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This site is dedicated to Isaac. Isaac was our baby. We got him when he was 7 weeks old. He was VERY difficult to potty train, but we loved him nonetheless! One day, when he was 10 months old, he died. No good reason, he just layed down and died. We took him into the vet to see why this happened and it turns out he had a very small heart. He was a big dog, 85lbs at 10 months, and his poor heart couldn't handle it. My family was devestated, especially our other dog, Ivy. Ivy wouldn't eat for 5 days after Isaac died and she also wouldn't play. After a month and trips to the vet with Ivy, (Isacc'a death made me slightly neurotic!) the vet suggested we get another dog. It was while we were looking for another dog that we saw all of the horror stories about homeless and abused dogs. I vowed to help them however I could. So, this page is in Isaac's Memory. It is in his death that I am able to help other dogs now. We miss you and love you very much Isaac, our big umph!


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